EEA Grant

The Congregation of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession (ECAV) in Slovakia implements the project funded by EEA and Norway Grants using EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism titled „ LYCEUM – Free Society Lab “.

Project code: CLT01006

Programme: Cultural Entrepreneurship, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Cooperation

Implementation Period: 07/2020 – 04/2024

Grand awarded: 999.757 EUR

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The project title “LYCEUM – Free Society Lab” itself represents that The Congregation of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Bratislava – Old Town will create a space, kind of a laboratory for free thinking, faith, creativity, modern and classical culture and dialogue. The project is based on the opinion that if Church wants to understand a man, it shall also be interested in other than spiritual aspects of his life.

The project will be implemented in the premises of the Evangelical Lyceum in the center of Bratislava. The reconstruction of the building will architecturally enhance one of the most visited parts of Bratislava and the Bratislava Monument Zone – the central city area. It will create a cultural and community space, which has been missing here for a long time, which was confirmed by representatives of the local community at 14 consultation meetings.

With the project, the recipient wants to return to LYCE the former free spirit and raise awareness of its historical significance. It wants to create a modern physical and virtual exhibition of the history of the Slovak modernization and emancipation movement (Matej Bel, Štúrovci, Milan R. Štefánik and others) and support educational activities, especially for young people in building a “healthy” national and European identity. By reconstruction and revitalization of the Lyceum building, the precious library from 13th Century will be restored as well. This will support the research activities of Slovak Academy of Science, which has a small organization residing at the premises. The project’s activities will uphold renewed history and develop its legacy for the 21st century. The legacy of freedom is even more important in present times of fake news, hatespeech, discrimination and rising anti-system powers.

Projects partners:
Punkt o.z.
Nadácia Milana Šimečku

Project partner from the donor state:
Kirkelig dialogsenter

Example of activities:

LYCEUM for Slovak identity of the 21st century
The Activity aim is to raise awareness about the Lyceum’s history as a place of open mind and thinking of the Slovak emancipation and modernization movement.  It will bring critical point of view on this part of the national history and thus contribute to build „national identity of the 21st century“especially concerning young people as the contribution to prevention against extremism, hate speech and discrimination. The activity will also support research activities of the Slovak Academy of Sciences connected with the historical library collection, which is currently under auspices of the Central Library of the Research Academy.

LYCEUM for others
By this activity, the recipient upholds the historical legacy and ongoing activities which had to be organized in small due to external factors. In cooperation with the project partners and donor state partner, municipality and local community, Lyceum will create a significant town making element. It will connect Bratislava Downtown, violently divided during socialism era, and create missing community space in the triangle Konventná-Panenská-Palisády and thus become the new touristic spot of the city. The congregation, unusually, provides the eclectic space for cultural (concerts, exhibitions, theatres, historical library), community (neighborhood and local influencers meeting), spiritual (pastoral, ecumenical activity), social and educational activities including those which are particularly sensitive for the Church and also widely abused by the nationalistic politicians (LGBTI, migrants, gender equality, Roma population, homeless people, interreligious dialogue) space. The recipient will create a place open to dialogue as a prevention against extremism, hatespeech, discrimination and a support for anti-system forces in Slovakia. This shall by done by pertaining on culture, art and education. Lyceum’s activities will follow up on the cultural strategy of Bratislava. Target groups are community, schools, youngsters, professionals, religious community.

Fjúžn in LYCEUM
Partner, Milan Šimečka Foundation, will support the congregation in organization of Lyceum’s participative planning. The partner will organize once in a year a series of cultural, educational and discussion activities known as „Fjúžn in Lyceum“. It will be a part of the „Fjúžn festival“ which has become unique and the biggest multigenre festival focused on migration in Slovakia with an international context since its establishment in 2006.

Good marketplace  in LYCEUM
The project partner organizes the „Good Market“  community event on Panenská Street in the area of the Lyceum’s Great Church. It is an event that revives the urban public space, in particular by supporting local small-scale producers and quality domestic and diverse culture products. In addition to kiosks with quality food, original design products, books, accessories and clothing, accompanying events, art installations, exceptional concerts, workshops for children and adults, meetings with interesting people are part of the event.

Partner, Punkt, will involved in the participatory planning of Lyceum’s focus activities. It will regularly organize the „Neighborhood Picnic in Lyceum, a cultural-social meeting of the inhabitants and business from the locality in June. The Lyceum will host a part of the Good Market activities Good Market in Lyceum” where the local producers will present their products on the 15th of September. If necessary, there will be a possibility to open Lyceum also for other activities during the event.

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